About us

FRIPECAN begins its activity offering multimodal maritime transport to the islands in three temperatures, both full and fractional cargo.

In order to meet customer needs, currently it provides ground shipping, warehousing and logistical advice for any transportation or destination. FRIPECAN relies on an extensive network of professional suppliers and collaborators to ensure the success of the services provided to its customers.


FRIPECAN is a company belonging to the Alonso Group, created to be a leader in the logistics sector, with the best technical and human equipment.
We develop growth with our customers, based on the friendly and personalized service in search of excellence.


Our company follows a long-term path, oriented to making strategic growth decisions and focused on gaining competitiveness in our market.
We want to satisfy at all times the changing needs of our customers, being forced to see beyond the current business and think strategically in the impact of new technologies.


Personalized service

Team spirit

Quality of service


Execution capacity


Being integrated into the Alonso Group, FRIPECAN has the added value of having the infrastructures, technical and human equipment of its logistic holding company, which includes shipping companies, freight forwarders, maritime terminals, land transport companies and auxiliary services.